Independent building consulting & architecture

We offer guidance in the jungle of building and property purchasing. Our information helps you to take the next steps in the building or buying process. Tell us your dream: we will show you how to realise it!
The offer can be either a one-to-one consultation or support throughout the entire planning and construction process. Consultancy can also take place online. Our expertise is at your disposal without a planning commission.

Building consultancy

Construction law and cost estimation
Comparison of offers
Architecture and furnishing
Aesthetics and colour consulting
Assessment of architectural quality and historical buildings


Feasibility studies
Preliminary project
Project submission
Implementation project
Urban planning
Interior and furniture planning
Arch. Birgit Dejaco
MMag. Dr. Andrés C. Pizzinini

"Only good architecture is sustainable architecture.

Arch. Birgit Dejaco

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Arch. Birgit Dejaco​
MMag. Dr. Andrés C. Pizzinini

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The consultation can be provided in the following languages:

Fee: 90 €/hour. We are happy to provide quotes for local inspections and customised packages.
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